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Vesely Couture (VC) was founded by Eddie Vesely and Joel Couture in 2007. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, VC’s reason for existence is to play live dance music in the style best dubbed as progressive EDM (Electronic Dance Music). While the concept of playing live may seem self-evident, any liveliness in conventional EDM is sadly non-existent as beats and sounds are typically pre-programmed before hitting the stage and executed by the mere push of a button.

The two most important elements of EDM, drums and bass, are the driving forces of VC. All acoustic and electronic percussion and bass are played live by human hands and feet. VC brings excitement and a human face to modern dance music, resulting in the harmonization of electronica with aspects of groove, spontaneity, improvisation, and imperfections.

The utilization of female vocals and other instruments further adds to the human element. Although not commonly heard in EDM, the female voice adds a nice contrast to the low end frequencies heard in VC.

Eddie Vesely plays all the drums - acoustic and electronic. He blends the instruments together to create a full and colorful array of percussive sound. Most of the keyboard and synthesizer sounds are prerecorded through a sequencer or sampler, but some are played live by Vesely (when he has one or more free limbs to do it!). Execution of these prerecorded sequences and samples are handled live by both Vesely and Couture.

Joel Couture plays the bass guitar. He generates distinct melodies by playing the bass as if it were a 6-string guitar. This element is unique in EDM, and brings prominence to the low-end frequencies heard in VC. Couture also applies various effects and textures through his pedal board.

EDDIE VESELY | drums, synthesizer

Introduced to music at an early age playing piano and guitar, Eddie Vesely became drawn to the rhythmic side of music and pursued the drums. He was hugely exposed to progressive rock, and with that came a high level of musicianship, originality, and aggression. His first bands were death metal, and he also played in country and pop/rock bands. His current endeavour in Vesely Couture lies in avant-garde dance music, where he not only plays drums but also writes melodic and lyrical content.

JOEL COUTURE | bass guitar

Inspired by all types of music, Joel Couture finds excitement and refuge in his 4-string electric bass world. Whether on stage performing rock, pop, folk, jazz, techno or avant-garde, or working in the studio, Couture craves rhythms and delivers his fat and groovy bass riffs. Couture tours internationally and records with a variety of artists. Must keep following that beat!

MAL MAGOREL | vocals

Mal is Vesely Couture’s jazz-and-soul infused powerhouse vocalist. Having worked with some of the city’s finest musicians (including Ron Paley, Danny Kramer, Jonathan Alexiuk, Christopher Berti, Ariel Posen, and Helen White), Mal has established herself as a cornerstone in many music scenes and spends very few weekends without a microphone in her hand. Her presence was immediately felt upon joining VC with her soul-infused pop style, jumping in head-first co-writing VC’s third full-length album. Mal is also working on her first original release due out in 2015 and is loving every minute of it! Mal relishes every musical blessing the universe has sent her.

Vesely Couture shows



  • Mar 11 2015 - Le Garage Café - Winnipeg, MB
  • Feb 04 2015 - Le Garage Café - Winnipeg, MB
  • Nov 15 2014 - The Purple Room - Winnipeg, MB
  • Jan 26 2013 – Graffiti Gallery - Winnipeg, MB
  • Aug 11 2012 – West End Centre - Winnipeg, MB
  • Nov 16 2011 – Park Theatre - Winnipeg, MB
  • Nov 20 2010 – Graffiti Gallery - Winnipeg, MB
  • Jul 16 2010 – Central Hotel - Winnipeg, MB
  • Apr 25 2010 – Park Theatre - Winnipeg, MB
  • Apr 22 2010 – Pyramid - Winnipeg, MB
  • Mar 19 2010 - Provista Social Hall - Winnipeg, MB
  • Jan 22, 2010 - Dylan's on Pembina - Winnipeg, MB
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    Tea & Crumptes • 2009

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    Tea & Crumpets is Vesely Couture's first recording, a full-length album conceived over a two year period from 2007 to 2009.

    The album was written with the intent for it to be listened to from start to finish, engaging the listener on a musical journey that fuses many styles together into what can only be described as Vesely Couture music.

    Highly distinctive contributions were made by vocalist Julia Carr, with her uncanny ability to fuse operatic and pop-style vocal melodies in a clever yet simple fashion. Vocalist Alyssa Graff added brightness to the album with her well-honed classical style of vocals to one of the more progressive tracks.

    Available at HMV Downtown Winnipeg or on iTunes

    Nerd Party • 2011

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    Vesely Couture pushes its limits further with Nerd Party, a 71-minute album that crosses several musical styles and guarantees to keep the listener's interest peaked throughout.

    The tension gets pushed and pulled with dance tunes played in odd-time signatures, jazz-style improvisation over electronica, and ever-changing moods.

    With a heavy dose of electronic instrumentation, Eddie Vesely and Joel Couture maintain the live and organic feel that defines their sound. Vocalist Sandy Henri showcases her diversity on three tracks, including the 20-minute epic, World in Distraction. The voice of Sarah-Lynne Otsuji adds sharp emotion on one of her own tracks, and saxophonist Miguel Bérubé brings his unique style on two jazz-influenced tracks.

    Available at HMV Downtown Winnipeg or on iTunes

    Love What Is • 2015

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    Vesely Couture (VC) continues to break the rules with its 3rd full-length album, titled “Love What Is”, an attempt to link multiple styles with a common theme - overcoming the restlessness of the technological age so that we can appreciate all we have right here in front of us.

    Drummer Eddie Vesely fuses his dance/pop grooves and synth arpeggios with mind-bending drum beats, while Joel Couture’s evolving bass sound provides an attitude that is sadly absent in modern EDM.

    Jazz singer Mal Magorel’s powerful vocals deftly displays the many emotions that people feel. Chantel Emond/French Press and Sabrina Hogan bring their distinct originality on two of their own songs using VC instrumentation. Shea Malcolmson as Abstract Artform rounds out the mood swings with his clever up-tempo rap vocals. Best dubbed as progressive euro-drum & bass, Love What Is incorporates fresh and exciting elements while maintaining the classic VC sound.

    Available at HMV Downtown Winnipeg or on iTunes

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